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Getting Started with Online Casinos
We've put together a few articles here at IG Review to better help you in getting started at online gaming. Whether you are a newbie to the online gaming world or a seasoned poker pro, we hope that this website and articles and gambling on the internet in general we suggest that you read though these articles.

Everything You Need To Know About

Online Casino Sites
The first online casino started up 23 years ago, and since then online gaming has become big business for both casinos and customers alike. There are hundreds if not thousands of online gambling sites that offer an array of games from Fruit Machines to Blackjack and Poker. This huge and somewhat overwhelming number of available games can be tough to navigate for new users.

So, before you begin, its probably best to take some some time to review our casino site rankings, read our unbiased views on each site and see what one will suit your needs and gaming habits.

Online Versus Land-Based Casinos
When entering a land-based casino you are usually overwhelmed by bright lights, music and hustle bustle of the room. Some online casino aim to replicate this with great success whereas some fail. We’ll try to point you in the right direction. Whilst land based casinos can be fun they also have their downsides, whether it being that the tables are full, to distractions from fellow players. All this can be avoided when you choose to play online. You simply choose the game you want to play and you are presented with a smooth trouble free experience where you can jump straight in to the action all at your own pace. Land based casino are pretty limited to the games they can supply at the limits you wish to play at. Online casinos however have a much greater range of games with greater variations of stake levels so you can feel comfortable playing the games you wish to play.

Online live Casino’s Bridge The Gap?
Just as much as the land-based casinos have their distractions, online gamers also either don’t like or trust playing online Poker, Roulette, Blackjack etc, like a computer game. In this case then you may find that the Live Tables that most online casinos provide now, give you the full immersive experience getting rid of slick graphics replacing them with a live feed of the dealer dealing you the cards or spinning the roulette wheel. This brings you closer to the action and removes more of the doubt that players have had over the years of online gaming, providing you with the perfect balance between land based and online.

Gambling Sites and Their Games
Online sites have one huge advantage over land-based sites. This is that they have unlimited space so they are able to supply every type of game to suit a huge number of customers. This ranges from slot machines to card games and all the available variations at pre-selectable stakes that you feel comfortable with. Many games you will recognize, but many more you will not and these are the ones the casino aim towards the virtual market taking advantage of technology and graphics to make all games more appealing to their players

Playing in an Online Casino
You’ll find as you go along that most sites offer their own downloadable software which then give you access to virtual casinos. The free software as well as being used for gambling also offers the player the option for testing with virtual money so you get the hang of the game before spending you hard earned cash. As well as downloading software, you’ll also have the option to play directly from your browser with Instant Play, which is offered by almost all sites. This of course enables you to play from a number of platforms or machines that are not your own using your login details. You’ll find that all online casino’s offer you playing options across many platform`s so you can play when you want, wherever you want.

Know You Bonuses
With all the competition in the online gaming world, casinos all operate joining bonuses for new players to entice them to their site over any competitors. This makes it very important to choose the right site for you and equally as important that read all terms and conditions before signing up. Some of these bonus can be worth a considerable amount of money but are usually depenadant on you making an initial deposit before you can access your bonuses. So please make sure you hacve read all the available information before making your decision. We’ll try to lsit and compare as many sites for you so that your choice is made a little easier.

Online Gaming in ther UK ?
Not every country allows online gaming, although prosecution of players is rare since they play from their home. There are over 70 countries that allow online gaming including UK, Malta and Guernsey and casinos operating online will all be licensed and regulated by the country who issues their license. Usually these sites will inform you when signing up the age limit and location of players which you should abide to. Any rules that you chose to ignore could lead to you losing any winnings you have won if you are found to be breaking casion rules.

All of the brands we feature on IGReview have a licence to accept players based in the UK and have been tried and tested by our team to ensure they provide nothing but a great experience for all customers alike

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